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DC Immigration Lawyer Elena Hung

Welcome to the website for the Law Office of Elena Hung!

As an experienced immigration lawyer in Washington DC, and an immigrant myself, I have been closely involved with the immigration process from nearly every vantage point.  I understand how complicated and daunting the process can seem to those unfamiliar with the law.  I have seen the joy that comes from a successful outcome -- be it work authorization, asylum, a green card, or U.S. citizenship.  And, above all, I know how important it is for individuals, families, and employers to have an immigration attorney they can trust.

DC Immigration AttorneyImmigration Law Focused and Client Centered

The Law Office of Elena Hung focuses its practice exclusively on immigration and nationality law, providing quality legal services and outstanding client support.  This goes beyond knowing the basic law or filing the correct forms on time.  It is a commitment to understand your case thoroughly, to communicate all legal requirements to you in a clear manner, to keep you updated of developments in your case, and to respond quickly to any questions you may have.

History of Successful Representation

I have successfully represented businesses and individual clients throughout the United States and abroad in a variety of immigration matters, including:

I appreciate your visit to the website and encourage you to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your immigration needs.  I look forward to speaking with you!

Sincerely yours,

Elena Hung,
Washington DC Imigration Lawyer



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